Idarado’s Large Studio Space

A Director and Client watch a production in Idarado's Photo and Video Studio

The largest photo and video studio in Idaho is now available.

At a glance, Idarado’s new photography and video production studio offers:

  • 35′ x 25′ space with 16′ ceilings
  • 25′ cyclorama wall
  • Ceiling mounted speed rail grid
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Large garage doors for loading
  • Comprehensive production services
  • Unbeatable location


Large Photo and Video Production Studio

Creative freedom is now available in Idarado’s large photography and video production studio in Idaho. Located in iconic Sun Valley, the space is optimized to produce high-end deliverables efficiently. Idarado Media offers comprehensive production services, both in and out of the studio. Our experienced production and post production teams can create assets strengthened by a seamless union of studio and on-location elements. The large studio space enables unique camera moves, diverse lighting setups, and the ability to shoot a wide variety of subjects. While the Idarado production team is ready to tackle any phase of the production pipeline, the studio space itself is available to rent. 

The Studio

The Idarado Studio is designed to optimize efficiency while ensuring end deliverable quality. The suite features a large studio space equipped with a 25ft cyclorama wall, a client lounge, a kitchenette, and an additional space to accommodate a production’s specific needs. The production space measures 25ft wide (width of cyc wall), has 16ft ceilings with a built-in ceiling lighting grid, and boasts a generous 35ft of depth. This large space enables shooting for multiple aspect ratios, positioning cameras in unique and creative ways, swapping backdrops, and capturing a wide variety of subjects– even vehicles. A garage bay door in the rear of the studio makes unloading a lighting, grip, or props truck fast and efficient. We even offer vehicle casters to easily reposition picture cars.

Every shoot includes on-set monitoring packages to ensure that production goals are met. We also offer remote camera monitoring for off-site clients and team members. With production efficiency in mind, a teleprompter is available to aid talent.

What We Do

Idarado Media offers complete, end-to-end production services. We are an experienced team that can simultaneously handle studio and general production needs. We are dedicated to the craft of telling compelling stories and helping clients build their brands. Our inhouse producers are integrated into the vibrant local network and can quickly hire talent, secure locations, and line produce any production. 

Idarado is routinely trusted to create compelling branded content and to produce product assets that are the foundation of any website, POS, or campaign. Studio shoots can be combined with off-site productions. For example, a product can be shot in the studio and out on location simultaneously or in conjunction with each other. This capability can produce more compelling and informative assets.

Rent The Studio

The photography and video production studio space is available to rent.  Lighting packages are included with the space. Additionally, high capacity camera support systems such as tripods, gimbals, and dollies are available. 

The studio also serves as a phenomenal event space. Throw a party, screen a film, or build the unexpected in a large space. We routinely collaborate with wedding planners and event coordinators to create something that stands out.

A Location Worth Shooting In

Nestled directly underneath the iconic Sun Valley ski resort, there is plenty to do outside of production and we encourage clients to take advantage of the world class skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, fishing, and much more that sits right outside our doors. There is hassle free parking, Ketchum’s best culinary options are near us, and accommodations are located minutes away from the studio.

Video Examples

Photo Examples


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