Adventure is in our Blood.

Born from collective decades in the outdoor and film industries, Idarado Media combines our breadth of shared experience and deep skill sets to bring authentic, dynamic stories to our productions. Based in the outdoor mecca of Sun Valley, ID, our proximity to remote mountain environments and pristine wilderness enables us access to idyllic locations year-round for any project, any season.

Who We Are

Founder & DP

Cory Smith

Studio Lead/DP

Jon Mancuso

Senior Producer- Post Production

Tyler Allyn

Senior Producer

Meredith Richardson

Camera & Editing Assistant

Max Polito


Tommy Riggio

Contributing Photographer

Tal Roberts

Graphic Designer

Cara Shumate

Intergrated Capabilities

Original Content

Our technical capabilities allow us to create cinematic content with high levels of agility for our clients. We offer an individualized approach to commercial production, with a full suite of Red Digital Cinema cameras, production equipment as well as a technically capable staff. Our team excels in all aspects of:

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  • Pre-production
  • Creative concepting and experience
  • On set direction & set management
  • Videography
  • Live production (streaming)
  • Still photography
  • Motion graphics
  • HTML5 Ads
  • Post-production including editing, audio and sound design, and color correction
  • Graphic design
  • Digital & print ads

Live Production

Whether it’s a quarterly sales meeting, a virtual Gala, or other live event, Idarado can provide a well executed live experience, start to finish that engages audiences and helps clients achieve their goals. Options include:

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  • Pre-produced content
  • Live event coverage
  • Virtual events
  • Virtual auctions

Creative Strategy

In addition to content creation, Idarado Media can provide creative strategy and execution of all aspects of digital advertising, including:

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  • Business & brand planning
  • Brand positioning & target development
  • Videography
  • Social media
  • Post scheduling
  • Content & ad targeting
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand partnerships and collaborations


Idarado's experienced production and post production teams produce assets strengthened by a seamless union of studio and on-location elements. The large studio space enables unique camera moves, diverse lighting setups, and the ability to shoot a wide variety of subjects. The Idarado studio is optimized for:

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  • Product photography
  • Product Display Page videos
  • Product knowledge videos
  • Portraits
  • Capturing large subjects such as vehicles
  • Shooting under controlled and repeatable lighting conditions

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