Video Production and Photo Studio News

Idarado Video production in Alaska

What’s happening during Idarado’s video production and photo studio sessions

Idarado offers comprehensive video production paired with a state-of-the art photo and video studio. We are a nimble team that can deliver a one stop shop for branded content, product knowledge videos, and studio needs. From a highly efficient, barebones production in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness to a full commercial shoot with over 30 people, Idarado’s capabilities are scalable and customizable. We are equally as comfortable in the backcountry as we are on a standard film set.

There is a reason why we live, work, and play in Sun Valley, Idaho. Our location isn’t merely a point on the map; it’s an intrinsic part of our video production process. Renowned as an outdoor mecca, Sun Valley offers us a dynamic and naturally stunning backdrop. The sweeping landscapes, shifting hues of seasons, and raw, pristine wilderness add a dimension to our productions that transcends the ordinary.

Idarado Video Production in the backcountry

The culture of Idarado’s team is embedded in the mountains. The decision to work late in the evenings in order to ski the fruits of a storm cycle in the morning is easy. Almost by definition, travel through the mountains requires physical effort and some level of risk taking. The same can be said about production. It’s often worth halling the heavy gear an extra 50 yards to get the best angle. We believe that safe shots are usually boring shots– that compelling imagery comes from taking chances. We take pride in our ability to not only keep up in the backcountry, but also, effectively and efficiently tell the stories that inspire us.


Brand Video Production on Location

Idarado set out to produce a brand video for Triple Point Expeditions. Inherent to helicopter skiing are a unique set of challenges that our production team was faced with.

Rae Ripple during a branded content video production

Rae Ripple

Dickies sent the Idarado team to Texas to tell the story of Rae Ripple, a unique sculpture artist. This project was an installment of a series of videos in a branded content campaign in 2023.

Hunting Video Production In Idaho

As hunters ourselves, Idarado takes pride in our abilities to tell stories from the backcountry. We love exploring the intersection between man and wild. We get excited about the raw human experience that comes each autumn.

Large Photo and Video Production Studio

New Idarado Photo Studio

Idarado just opened a new state-of-the-art video production and photography studio. It is the largest photo studio in Idaho, complete with a cyclorama wall, tall ceilings, and a lighting grid.

Idarado in the Outdoor Industry

Idarado is proud to partner with outdoor industry brands to tell stories that get us excited.

Informative Video Production

Idarado has extensive experience in informative video production that not only provides value to an audience, but also, builds the brand.

Photography in Idaho

Idarado’s roots are in photography. We love shooting in difficult conditions and in challenging places.

Outdoor Industry Branded Content

Idarado’s roots are in branded content in the outdoor industry. We recently partnered with Josh Berry and Giant Bikes to produce a series of short films, Product launch pieces, and Product knowledge videos.

Spacious Photo Studio

Product knowledge videos are an essential tool for delivering information about a product’s features and benefits. However, they are difficult to produce. How will Idarado’s new large photo studio elevate your production?