Cory Smith, FOunder & DP

Cory grew up in rugged Silverton Colorado and has been addicted to the outdoor lifestyle from his formative years growing up at 10,000 feet.  As a professional snowboarder, Cory discovered the joy of working outside in nature and collaborating with like-minded individuals.   As a veteran of the outdoor and action sports industries combined with 16 years working for Smith Optics, Cory has been able to leverage his passion for adventure with the business side of the sports he loves.   Founding MTN Approach and co-owning Wintertux has kept Cory busy with adventure based activities.  Equipped with an amazing Rolodex of athlete connections, innovative companies, unique locations, crazy experiences and backcountry knowledge, Cory is imperative to positioning Idarado Media as an authentic content production resource. You can find Cory researching mods for his #fordraptor and instagramming it @overland_idaho. 


Max Benz, production manager

Having grown up in St. Louis, Missouri, Max went west at 18 and never looked back. After 10 years in Colorado as a Live Production and Media specialist for CU Boulder and a brief stint in the candle industry, Max found his happy place in Sun Valley. Max brings years of media production to the table as well as an exceptional amount of #staychili apparel. An avid mountain biker, skier, and outdoor enthusiast makes him an ideal member of the Idarado team. You can find him ripping our home hill, Bald Mountain, on skis or a bike, or eating ramen at the Hot Water Inn. Both of which he lives extremely close to. 



Sofia DeWolfe, creative content manager

Equal parts beach and mountain, the only time you are likely to find Sofia indoors is when she is locked into a Lightroom photo-editing session from a recent adventure. That and when she is binge-watching Stranger Things.

Sofia epitomizes the spirit of Ketchum, ID, her hometown at the confluence of several of Idaho's most impressive mountain ranges. The combination of experiences these mountains, along with several years on the Southern California shoreline, have given her the unique talent of being able to capture others during their epic interactions with the physical environment, no matter the topography. Pushing her own physical limits has undoubtedly spilled over into her passion to tell others' stories, whatever the medium may be.



Jon Mancuso, Director of photography

Jon specializes in adventure story-telling through video and still photography. He has worked on assignments across the globe, on expeditions across 5 continents, and throughout the US. While Jon enjoys the challenge and rewards of working with athletes and influencers in their environment, his real passion lies in projects that shed light on unique human stories and social issues. 

Jon joined the Idarado Team in January of 2019 and we are stoked to have his talent and passion for visual storytelling in our presence. We also are big fans of his dog, Chowder.




Theo Rich, content contributor

Growing up overseas kickstarted Theo's craving for adventure and drive to see new, exciting places. Theo moved to Sun Valley four years ago to be closer to the mountains, and while he's not roaming around the endless ranges in our back yard, you can find him spending most of his winter and summer nights grooming and maintaining the ski hill. Most recently, Theo became an engineer for our local fire department. Theo's talent behind the camera shines with his epic nighttime and adventure photography. You can find Theo laying down perfect corduroy on Baldy at night with his dog, Dixie.