This is a project bid for SVFF to build 4 thirty second videos that will be released individually and compiled as a two minute video.  Videos will be released on social media channels and will be formatted accordingly.  Idarado Media will follow our "host" as he arrives in Sun Valley to attend the festival, documenting his experience in town, with colleagues and festival attendees.  Audio will be a key component of this project as his candid commentary will be our target capture. The synopsis will be similar to the "we are better together" campaign and the "we the people" videos.   


  • 2 full days of filming with a crew of 3 people. 


  • Red Epic 4k resolution, 24 FPS / Sony A7Sii/ Sony FS7
  • Audio lav mic linked to handheld boom for mobility, ability to plug into soundboard and wireless lav mics for post interview.
  • Ronin Gimbal used for steady shots


  • Up to 4 days editing
  • 3 revisions per 30 second video
  • 3 revisions per 2 minute video

Video examples:

More examples:



  • 2 days filming, 4 days of editing, color correction and export - $7,500
  • All footage is owned in perpetuity by client.