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Below is a proposal to develop and produce a 10 part video series for First Lite.


First Lite is a leader in high-end hunting apparel. This series of videos is intended to expand upon their reputation for crafting quality outdoor products by leveraging a lifestyle story for the brand.  Tag is a relatively new employee at FL and is completely new to the hunting world.  Tag is beyond passionate about learning the fundamentals of hunting and comes from a very athletic background.  Growing up as a ski racer, Tag is athletic, mountain savvy and eager to dive into the hunting category.  At a recent trade show, Tag miraculously won a trip of a lifetime to hunt Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range of Alaska.  This is a tremendous opportunity that most big game hunters never get a chance to experience.  This series of videos will focus on Tag's path to success (or failure) as he prepares for this once in a lifetime hunt. 

Story structure:

Keeping in-line with First Lite's mantra of "We are hunters first, businesspeople second" the story arch will follow this basic outline:  

  • Starting with a basic introduction on who Tag is and how he has come to work at FL.  Introduce supporting characters, Ryan Callahan as a reputable name in the hunting industry.  Ryan will give credibility to the story as to not give the impression that FL staff are all "green horns".
  • Winning the trip of a lifetime.  Using footage shot at the trade show, show the excitement and disbelief that the new guy won the ultimate hunting trip.
  • Reality sets in.  Tag has a shit load of work to do if he has any hope of filling this sheep tag.  Beginning the process of learning to shoot properly from mentor and co-worker Ryan. Learning all of the other stuff he needs to know.
  • Work in progress - continue to learn and train "Rocky Balboa" of hunting. Physical training in the Idaho Mountains as his colleagues encourage and heckle his progress.  Testimonials from former ski coaches as to his level of ability or lack of.
  • History and geographical recap of where he is headed and how difficult this hunt will be.  Using footage of the Brooks Range and sheep footage this will be important to keep the stoke high for viewers.
  • Time is running out.  Tag now has a short window of time to be fully prepared for this hunt.  Last minute preparations for gear packing, what gear is needed and crucial.  How to pack, how to dress etc...
  • Getting on the airplane.  Final packing shots, saying goodby, anxiety, girlfriend crying, Ross shaking his head in disbelief.
  • Hunting. Shot by Garret Smith
  • Hunting. Shot by Garret Smith
  • Killing. Shot by Garret Smith
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Idarado Media consists of 4 skilled cinematographers and editors.  Our team will dedicate up to 10 full days or 80 hours of filming this project.  Estimated editing time is roughly equivalent to filming hours.  In conjunction with FL marketing team, Idarado Media will develop a video series treatment in order to establish a cohesive look/feel for all 10 episodes. Each episode will be roughly 3-5 minutes in length based upon direction and footage captured. Each episode will also have a 1 minute version for Instagram traffic funneling to the long play version hosted on YouTube, website etc...

Budget: $17,000

Overall budget for 10 part video series including filming, editing, color correcting, motion graphics and final export.

All footage is owned in perpetuity by First Lite.