delivery: Direct-Response Facebook Advertising

  • Powerful and profitable – Identify your desired outcome:
  • Attract & engage ideal target customers
  • Social media calendar implemented with scheduled sponsored posts
  • Align products and messaging for optimal profitability
  • Drive sales and website traffic
  • Convert target audiences to paying customers
  • Track and analyze response data for future performance
  • Daily content published by client
  • Ad and post verbiage provided by client


Maximize Returns & Minimize Ad Costs

Measurable results in the following areas:

1.  E-Commerce

2.  Brick & Mortar Retail

3.  Website Retargeting

4.  Mobile, Video & Event Sales


Conversion Tracking in a Closed-Loop System:


Direct-Response Facebook Ads- make use of Tracking Pixels to keep track of e-commerce sales.

Pixels are linked with Ads inside Facebook to attribute transactions to the ads generating sales on your site.

Once a pixel is installed, we can instantly calculate Return- on-Ad-Spend (RoAS), Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA), Total Conversion Value, Number of Conversions & other metrics.

Website Remarketing: Beyond direct-response Ads, we can also show ads inside Facebook to users who have previously visited your website (using a remarketing pixel)

Ads can target users who “Abandon Carts” or those who visit specific pages or URL’s