Idarado Media

Worthy stories, unique personalities and organic narrative - this is the core of Idarado Media.  With over 20 years of experience and knowledge documenting outdoor experiences, we bring a deep skill set and humble approach to film making.  From unearthing what makes our characters tick, to justly cinematic angles - we strive to create expressive stories that are positioned to draw the viewer into a compelling experience.  Working as a collaborative team with a scale-able crew, we lean on our collective life experiences and sensibilities to bring authentic, dynamic stories to our productions.  Based in Sun Valley Idaho, we live the lifestyle most people aspire to, countless miles on the mountain bike, endless vert in the skin track and experiences only discovered in the open West.

Founder, Cory Smith grew up in rugged Silverton Colorado and has been addicted to the outdoor lifestyle from his formative years growing up at 10,000 feet.  As a professional snowboarder, Cory discovered the joy of working outside in nature and collaborating with like-minded individuals.   A veteran of the outdoor and action sports industries, his 16 years working for Smith Optics allowed Cory to leverage his passion for adventure with the business side of the sports he loves.   Founder of MTN Approach and co-owner of Wintertux has kept Cory busy with adventure based activities.   Equipped with an amazing Rolodex of athlete connections, innovative companies, unique locations, crazy experiences and backcountry knowledge positions Idarado Media as an authentic content production resource.